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Get out of that comfort zone.

Daughter  She's running on the beach, ahead of me, free. I can’t run, I’m too old. I can’t run, I’m too old. The tide tumbles in, less dry sand paths between the trails of seeping sea. Less places for lazy, sensible feet to land. Water leaks into my shoes, cold, unwanted, wet. I trot faster, tiptoeing,… Continue reading Get out of that comfort zone.

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I was at a party on the weekend and was desperate for a glass of water. A lady was standing by the sink sipping on a cocktail and as I turned on the tap she asked me, “What are you doing?” “Having a glass of water. Would you like one?” “Hell no! Have you seen… Continue reading Perspective

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Old Cat

I have a friend who has a cat, Morris. She has had that cat for twenty two years. You’d think he’d be some sort of world record holder but in fact that belongs to Crème Puff who died in Austin, Texas, aged thirty eight! When I went to see her last week I was stuck… Continue reading Old Cat

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Feeling Overwhelmed

It was funny, I hadn’t realised I wasn’t coping until I went to my weekly yoga class and just burst into tears. Nothing awful had happened, nothing tragic or life threatening had occurred only that my mind and body were allowed to stop. All the pent up frustration and stress I’d been hanging onto just… Continue reading Feeling Overwhelmed

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“Good morning my beautiful friend.”

I woke up to this message today and it totally changed my head space. I’d been feeling the post New Year blues but somehow these five words stopped that down feeling straight in its tracks. I felt special, cared about and valued. But mostly I thought, I’m very lucky to have such a friend. And… Continue reading “Good morning my beautiful friend.”

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Making A Tough Decision

Making the big decisions is one of the hardest things we have to do, especially if they effect relationships, career or health. Maybe this springs from our desire to control, maybe we want the cake and to eat it too, maybe outside pressure is backing us into a corner. But whatever the reason, being in… Continue reading Making A Tough Decision

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Do You Need Creative Inspiration?

  You know sometimes we are so bombarded by where we should be finding inspiration that we can forget to look around us. We become so preoccupied with that greener grass, tempting us from the other side of the fence, that we ignore our own backyard. If you find yourself daydreaming more than doing, wishing more… Continue reading Do You Need Creative Inspiration?

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Seek Out Your Positive People

Now, if I lived in The Hundred Acre Wood, of Winnie the Pooh fame, I wouldn’t be hanging with Eeyore for motivation.  Not that he’s not a nice person, but his glass is always half empty and that’s never a good vibe when you're trying something new. There’s heaps of research about the benefits of surrounding yourself… Continue reading Seek Out Your Positive People

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Is Self-Publishing a Digital Abyss or the Promised Land?

Now this is a tricky one and as someone sitting on the proverbial fence I’m considering my options. This is probably a familiar place for heaps of writers. Your work’s been written, it may even have had good feedback from publishers or agents, but there are still no takers. The possibility of a traditional publishing opportunity… Continue reading Is Self-Publishing a Digital Abyss or the Promised Land?