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Have A Nice Day

When I was little my favourite piece of clothing was a pair of dungarees with a yellow embroidered patch on the bib. Written across it, in bright rainbow letters, were the words, Have A Nice Day. And whenever I wore those dungarees I did. I’d run into the playground, pigtails flying, happy and excited about… Continue reading Have A Nice Day

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‘A smile is the beginning of peace.’ Mother Teresa

Are you feeling turbulent? Out of sorts. Not at ease. We all go through those hours, days, weeks or even longer when we just feel like we can’t get it together. No matter how hard we try our tummies churn and our minds leap between self-doubt and disaster. For many years I’ve tried to fight… Continue reading ‘A smile is the beginning of peace.’ Mother Teresa

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The Dangers of Busy Work

“Procrastination is the thief of time.” Edward Young Procrastination is a sneaky thing and you can find yourself doing it without even realising. We all have things we are putting off and I’m giving myself a bit of a shake down because I know I’m procrastinating. When I got my first teaching contract the class… Continue reading The Dangers of Busy Work

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Positive Reflection

The end of the year is often a time for self-reflection. We can all be super critical of ourselves and while analysis of what we didn’t do can move us forward it can also pull us down. So in pursuit of optimism and to see 2016 out with a bang instead of a fizzle, I’ve… Continue reading Positive Reflection

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Power of Poetry

Choose The single clenched fist lifted and ready, Or the open asking hand held out and waiting. Choose: For we meet by one or the other.  By Carl Sandburg I love this poem. In fact I love the collection it comes from; Staying Alive-real poems for unreal times. Sometimes when things are getting a bit too… Continue reading Power of Poetry

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Are you paying attention? Trying to develop that mindfulness habit…

  Trying to start, let alone maintain, any new habit isn't easy. Good habits are tough to develop and bad ones are even harder to break. So with that said I've recently begun a Mindfulness and Meditation course to quieten my mind and help me better manage my anxiety. So what actually is mindfulness? Like… Continue reading Are you paying attention? Trying to develop that mindfulness habit…

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Technology Time Out

Last week there was a black out in the city where I live. Plunged into darkness as the lights went out across the whole state, families and individuals had to change plans. We had to come up with inventive ways to tackle the problems of no power and ways to entertain ourselves without technology. Once… Continue reading Technology Time Out

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Trust Yourself

You know recently I’ve been second guessing my decisions and worrying over choices I’ve made. From big things to small things that annoying voice of doubt is getting a bit too loud for my liking. And while the inner critic can keep you in check it is not the boss. We are capable people but… Continue reading Trust Yourself

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Get out of that comfort zone.

Daughter  She's running on the beach, ahead of me, free. I can’t run, I’m too old. I can’t run, I’m too old. The tide tumbles in, less dry sand paths between the trails of seeping sea. Less places for lazy, sensible feet to land. Water leaks into my shoes, cold, unwanted, wet. I trot faster, tiptoeing,… Continue reading Get out of that comfort zone.

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I've been thinking a lot about how bravery looks in my life and in the lives of the people around me. It's such an empowering word, courageous, fearless, bold, no wonder we see it as such an admirable quality in people. But bravery seems to me to be so much more than that. Close your eyes for… Continue reading Bravery