Time to get spontaneous


Okay, so recently I’ve been erring on the conservative side. I actually think it’s time for me to shake things up a bit and put some energy back into my life. Change it up and bring back the spontaneity. Why? Because I quite like my impulsive free self and I’ve lost her recently.

So where to start?

I definitely need to be a bit braver. Not too crazy, I’m not ready for bungy jumping yet but I am ready to go out to a party on a whim or order food I’ve never tried before. And next time somebody asks me to do something outside my comfort zone I’m going to.

Sometimes though nobody asks you to do things which means driving it yourself. There can be no question we all have tendency to over think too many areas of our lives which leads to inaction. But a common criticism levied against young people is that they’re too impulsive and don’t think things through. So to create a change I’m going to have to find a balance. Do less of the thinking and more of the action.

And it’s not just in actions where I need to foster more spontaneity, my relationships could do with it too. Instead of being passive and expecting I need to initiate more. Suggest and plan things to do with the people I love. The obligations of our relationships can confine us but we can challenge them, make new memories and certainly make them more fun.

By being more spontaneous I plan to re-energize. Of course there are no guarantees, I may be allergic to spiky puff fish, or fall off a table dancing, but hopefully not. And as Henry Miller said, “All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without benefit of experience.”

Image by D Sharon Pruitt.

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