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My grandma lived on an island and the only way to reach her cottage was over a long causeway. But every childhood visit was heightened by the expectation of making it across. High tide, bad weather, jellyfish blooms-well not really but in my imagination they swarmed-rendered crossing the causeway impassable as it lay beneath the… Continue reading Causeway

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There Are No Words

There Are No Words Four chunks of letters strung together Four beads of meaning that tell us there is nothing to say There are no words for some things The place beneath language beneath hope Why bother to describe the hollow of despair The home of things too unbearable to bear So, in their absence… Continue reading There Are No Words

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‘Why not you?’

My brother told me about a conversation he had with my niece. She wants to enter a fiercely competitive field, full of people who seem so much more qualified and suitable for it than her. He stopped her as she talked herself out of it, mid-sentence of self-doubt, mid flourish of the tendency to accept… Continue reading ‘Why not you?’

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‘I loved… against reason, against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, against all discouragement that could be.’ Charles Dickens-Great Expectations Near where I live is a spectacular coastal cliff path. A half neglected track of rubbly rocks fringed with those tough looking shrubs which can survive howling winds and salty air. It is the… Continue reading Lovelocks

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Positive Reflection

The end of the year is often a time for self-reflection. We can all be super critical of ourselves and while analysis of what we didn’t do can move us forward it can also pull us down. So in pursuit of optimism and to see 2016 out with a bang instead of a fizzle, I’ve… Continue reading Positive Reflection

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Technology Time Out

Last week there was a black out in the city where I live. Plunged into darkness as the lights went out across the whole state, families and individuals had to change plans. We had to come up with inventive ways to tackle the problems of no power and ways to entertain ourselves without technology. Once… Continue reading Technology Time Out

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Get out of that comfort zone.

Daughter  She's running on the beach, ahead of me, free. I can’t run, I’m too old. I can’t run, I’m too old. The tide tumbles in, less dry sand paths between the trails of seeping sea. Less places for lazy, sensible feet to land. Water leaks into my shoes, cold, unwanted, wet. I trot faster, tiptoeing,… Continue reading Get out of that comfort zone.